host overview - (before we begin)

Although we are so excited about touring again, this page is actually meant to discourage you from applying to host for one of our Gathering Series Live concerts.  During this incredibly scary time, anything less than a huge commitment on your end will literally put all of our lives at risk:  you, your guests, your family, our volunteers, and our band.  Yes, we deeply believe this is not an exaggeration. 

That said, we also believe deeply in the power of this community to impact the world around us.  We think that this tour can inspire other artists to innovate as well as set a tone for the way people think about sharing live music together during a dangerous outbreak.  The challenge is that these shows require an unprecedented level of trust in each other, and one bad experience has the power to absolutely de-rail this entire concert series.  

Please read the detailed host guidelines carefully and think carefully about whether you really want to do this before applying... 

Host Detailed Guidelines

Other resources that will be important:

How To Set Up Your Space

Guest guidelines

Yard Examples