winter gathering 2025

January 3-6, 2025
Lake Morey Resort, Fairlee, VT

It's time to officially start planning for the next Winter Gathering!

For those of you who don't know the history behind this event, here is a little background: during the worst of COVID Adam livestreamed every night for 500 nights in a row but Adam maintains that he had very little to do with the magic of The Gathering Series.  Every night people came together from all over the world and found community, friendship, and unconditional support during a time of extreme isolation.  As the smoke cleared, we decided to carve out an extended weekend, once a year, to Gather together in person.  For the past three years our Winter Gathering trip has been one of the most inspiring, joy-filled weekends that we get to experience.  A TON of music is shared: acoustic sets by Adam every morning and band sets every night, with no repeats throughout the entire trip!  (except for “The Toast” of course 🙂)

Whether you've been Gathering with us since day one, or you are new to the music, we invite you to come dig as deep as possible into our music and community.  Between shows, attendees organize their own activities and meet-ups - from jams, to trivia, to crafts, to hikes out in the wintery wonderland of Fairlee, Vermont…or maybe your speed is a hot chocolate, a warm fire, and a board game in the lounge; there's no wrong way to Gather, and in our opinion, no better way to start a year off right.  ♥️ 

If you're planning to stay with us at Lake Morey Resort, you can contact them directly to make your room reservation for our 2025 trip.  The resort is already starting to fill up with Gatherers who reserved their room before leaving the Gathering last January.  (Room reservations are separate from your Winter Gathering pass, and for a while at least, the reservations for both the room and pass are refundable if plans change for you!)

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