We've hit the ground running with chapter two of the Gathering Series.  Each weekend we are taking you along for an entire AEG show, and every Tuesday at 8pm EST it's Adam and a camera, like so many nights we shared together during our first 500 nights.

The Gathering Series is free for anyone who wants to stop by, but we are thrilled that so many of you have decided to become Member-Supporters of the series, helping us continue to keep the series alive, no matter what.  To learn more about this program, including the benefits we put together to show our appreciation to our Member-Supporters (gifts, shared demos and unreleased music, early concert ticket access, etc), click here.

10/2/2023: Get Folked House Concert Tour

Before COVID, one of my very favorite traditions was an annual tour that took me to the living rooms of fans all over the Country.  We’ve decided it’s time to bring it back!  Starting Monday, October 9, you can apply to host a concert in your home (or community space of your choosing). 

If you’ve never been to or heard of a house concert, they are one of my favorite ways to perform…a night of hanging together and sharing music and stories that just doesn’t happen on traditional stages.  From December through February these shows will be popping up on our schedule, and even if you’re not hosting, we recommend you pick up a ticket and come out to one in your area! 

Learn all about the tour here!

9/8/2023: Ramble 14 Results

Our team of dedicated mathematicians have been working around the clock tabulating your incredibly generous donations from all over, and we are ready to share our fundraising results from this year’s Ramble!  After an incredible day of music and community, an unprecedented effort from our volunteer army, and the generosity of this inspiring community that literally spans the globe, we have raised an astounding $143,000 for our veteran heroes!!! 

We will be delivering this check to The New England Center and Home for Veterans who tell us that each thousand dollars we raise will help them find safe and dignified housing for one of our vets struggling to stay off the streets.  This little underground, grassroots community has come together and changed 143 lives… 

…what a breathtaking thing. 

Thank you all for being a part of this journey with us.  You all inspire us, literally every day…

9/8/2023: Adam Ezra Group’s First Cruise! 

You’ve been asking, so we’ve decided to go for it!   On June 13, 2024 a small gang of us will be boarding a massive Royal Caribbean ship in Tampa, FL for a 4 day journey to Cozumel and back.  We could not be more excited to spend some time with you all on a tropical adventure, tickets are officially on sale today, and you can find out all you need to know on our Operation: Cozumel page!!!

This will be one of 3 trips we are organizing in 2024.  If you love being a part of this community and feel like you’re ready to dig a little deeper, check out our Adam Ezra Group Trips page and learn all there is to know about Operation: Cozumel, the Winter Gathering, and The Getaway Sessions…all different, and each one a chance for us to get the kind of hang time with you that just doesn’t happen at a traditional concert. 

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