We've hit the ground running with chapter two of the Gathering Series.  Each weekend we are taking you along for an entire AEG show, and every Tuesday at 7pm EST it's Adam and a camera, like so many nights we shared together during our first 500 nights.

The Gathering Series is free for anyone who wants to stop by, but we are thrilled that so many of you have decided to become Member-Supporters of the series, helping us continue to keep the series alive, no matter what.  To learn more about this program, including the benefits we put together to show our appreciation to our Member-Supporters (gifts, shared demos and unreleased music, early concert ticket access, etc), click here.

5/13/2022: "Let's Get Outta This Town" - Out Now

We just finished our latest studio track and are excited to share it with you!
You can now listen on all streaming platforms!  here are a few links: 
"Let's Get Outta This Town" - Spotify 
"Let's Get Outta This Town" - Apple Music 
"Let's Get Outta This Town" - Pandora

4/18/2022: Winter Gathering 2023 Tickets Now on Sale! 

Yup...Jan 6-9...wish we could do this every weekend. 

Click the links, carve out the dates, book your rooms and tix, thank us later...  :)

4/14/2022: Adam's first "co-write" with his 7 month old daughter, Willa, is now available anywhere you stream music! 

Check it out HERE!  If you like it, please share.

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