In 2016, we tried something that had never been done before.  We invited our fans to apply to be hosts of a solo tour that would take place in their living rooms.  Many hosts and fans had never even heard of a house concert before, and despite us all figuring it out as we went, it became one of our very favorite annual traditions...a chance to experience a very different kind of night with that most people don't get to see.  After four incredible years, we put the Get Folked House Concert Tour on hold due to COVID.  We've decided it's time to bring it back!  

Between December and February, Adam will play in as many living rooms as we can squeeze into his schedule, and no matter where you are in the world you are invited to be a part of it, either as an audience member or a host.   

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 - Wanna learn what it takes to have Adam come to your living room for a concert?  Just click here

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