what is a house concert?

Truthfully, house concerts have been around as long as folk music itself.  Before there was amplified sound, small concerts would take place in churches, meeting houses, barns, homes, you name it!   Music was not only a form of entertainment, but also a means of spreading news and culture. 

Today, house concerts are not uncommon in the folk world.  There are house concert series all over the country, often hosted by families dedicated to converting their home into an intimate live music venue on a regular basis.  

We here at Team 'Get Folked' think Adam Ezra Group fans represent some of the very best that the world has to offer, and 7 years ago we decided to convert you amazing people into house concert hosts.  We experimented with our first house concert tour sending Adam into the homes of 30 fans around the country.  It didn't matter that many of you had never heard of a house concert before.  If people were crazy enough to try it, we were crazy enough to say yes.  The experiment was not only a success, but has now turned into an annual tradition that is metaphoric of everything we believe about the power of community.       

Starting in December, Adam will spend two months playing in as many homes as a guy with a baby and a toddler can achieve.  These concerts are a chance to hear unreleased songs and the stories behind your favorites, different arrangements of songs you've heard with the band, and songs written by some of Adam's favorite songwriters.  Not only is the Get Folked Tour a chance to learn more about Adam and his music, but it's also an opportunity to connect to other AEG fans in your area.    

Don't be shy!!    

Most of the Get Folked concerts will be open to the public, so keep an eye on the tour page for these shows and come check 'em out!


 - Wanna learn what it takes to have Adam come to your living room for a concert?  Just click here

- Apply to be a host - Applications are now closed for this year's Get Folked House Concert Tour, but we'd love for you to apply next year!  Make sure to join our mailing list to be informed as soon as applications open up!


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