member-support program 

MEMBER-SUPPORT is how we make The Gathering Series sustainable. 

For us, it will always be important that The Gathering Series remains free for ANYONE who wants to participate. 

That said, it takes a lot of resources to keep this series going, and we are forever grateful to those of you who choose to contribute.  We've come up with a Member-Supporter program that is inspired by NPR.  For those of you who wish to be Member-Supporters of The Gathering Series, our program creates a way for you to set aside a little each month to help keep our engine running.

member-supporter packages

gatherer (free)

We are honored you are a part of our community and you are welcome here anytime.  We would love it if you share what we do and follow us on our channels!

($10 a month)

Not only are you an impactful part of our community through your participation, but you are playing a vital role in helping us afford to keep the series going through your monthly contributions.   

In appreciation for your support, we will be sending you an official Member-Supporter keychain, bumper sticker, and you will receive special pre-sale access to our Gathering Trips.  

activist member-supporter
($20 a month)

We know how much this series means to you because you are not only supporting this series, but you are also contributing for those who can't.  Your generous monthly contribution is allowing us to make this series free for everyone, and for this we are forever grateful.  

We will be sending you an official Activist Member-Supporter tote bag in addition to your Member-Supporter keychain and bumper sticker. You will also receive special pre-sale access to our Gathering Trips, as well as priority if you choose to apply to host a Live Gathering of your own.

leader member-supporter
($40 a month)

You have found a home with us.  This community is something you have become passionate about, and you want to play a role in shaping its future with your participation and monthly contributions.   

We feel strongly that if you are one of our leaders, you'll need a snuggly fleece blanket for optimal Gathering in any situation, so in appreciation for your support we will send one your way.  :)

Along with your Member-Supporter keychain and bumper sticker You will also receive special pre-sale access to our Gathering Trips, priority if you choose to apply to host a Live Gathering of your own, and you will also be invited to attend our annual leadership meeting, during which we will discuss upcoming Gathering events as well as the future of the series.

hero member-supporter
($100 a month)

You are inspired by our work, you are lucky enough to have means, and you realize that while this might be a drop in the bucket for some organizations and businesses, it is a huge and incredible amount of money to us, truly affecting the trajectory of what we can do.  Your monthly contributions are not only an incredibly generous gesture, but also an act of deep trust in who we are and how we can impact the world around us through our music and message. 

We won't let you down... 

We are currently designing you a special jacket that you will get in addition to your Member-Supporter keychain and bumper sticker. You will receive special pre-sale access to Gathering Trips, priority if you choose to apply to host a Live Gathering of your own, an invite to our annual leadership meeting, and in addition, you will have access to our team throughout the year as we welcome your thoughts, ideas, and feedback on how we're doing...

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