gathering series live - guest guidelines

Our main focus, as always, is everyone's health and safety.  We are monitoring the local COVID-19 trends and will exceed the protocols mandated by the local government.  Please note, based on these trends, we may revise our policy, and will notify all attendees. 

We are following CDC and state guidelines when it comes to mask wearing.  There will be attendees at the Gathering that may wear masks the entire time, or feel strongly about social distancing regardless of vaccination status.  PLEASE be respectful of everyone, especially those who may be more strict about social distancing than you.  We also recommend that you have a mask with you and suggest wearing one when going indoors out of respect for our hosts. 

We are giving all Gatherers these days the chance to set up their own pod space.  Throughout the night, make sure to be aware and respect the boundaries of these spaces. 

This series only works for us if EVERYONE feels safe and respected.  By buying a Gathering Series Live ticket you are agreeing to adhere to the system we have created here.   


Food and Beverage:  

Unless otherwise instructed by your host, we ask that you carry in and carry out all food, drink, containers, and utensils you need.  We also recommend you bring a bag and pack out your trash, as well.



We will have a table set up with items you can purchase.  If there is a line, please make sure you are being respectful of those who want to maintain social distancing protocols.    



If it rains we may have to reschedule your Gathering.  You will be eligible for a complete refund if you can't make the rescheduled date.  We will do our best to communicate with you as much as possible if there is a questionable forecast, but Gathering Series Live performances are going to require that we all be a little flexible with our plans.  If it's not raining heavily, we may choose to perform in some bad weather.  If so, we think you should gear up and hang with us, however if you decide to not brave the weather, we understand and will of course accept refund requests.    


Celebrating with us! 

It feels so good to be able to share live music with others again, especially after what we've all been through!!  We want to remind you that one of the reasons these Gatherings are so special, is they require all of us to look out for one another.  This means helping everyone feel safe, and it also means helping everyone experience the show in a way that feels good to them.  If your desire to party at a concert might detract from another's desire to listen to the lyrics or watch from a lawn chair, then perhaps these very small, intimate Gathering Series Live shows are not the right fit for you.  The good news is now that the world is normalizing, we have a TON of bigger, more traditional shows coming up...can't wait to celebrate with you there!


If Something Doesn't Feel Right:  

If you are feeling AT ALL under the weather, simply cancel on us.  We don't mind.  It's not worth risking yourself and exposing others.  We'll happily refund your ticket.    

If someone you've been in contact with is sick, cancel on us.  It's totally ok.  We'll refund your ticket.  

If you've bought a ticket, but for any reason you begin to feel uncomfortable about coming out, that's also OK!  These are scary times we're living through!  You can cancel on us for any reason and get a refund, no questions asked.  We respect your decision to do what's right for you.    


We are constantly inspired by this community and the things we are capable of accomplishing when we put our hearts and minds to it.  It is a scary time, but we believe that if we all follow these guidelines we will not only create a safe concert experience, but also set an example that will inspire others!!


Recommended checklist of items to bring with you:  

Chair or Blanket
Food or Beverage items for you and your pod-mates  
Containers, Utensils, Napkins for Food and Beverage
Trash Bag
Disinfectant Wipes and Sanitizer

A positive, flexible attitude, knowing that this will be a unique concert experience, and we are depending on you to make it work!


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