gathering series live - detailed host instructions

Why This Is So Important: 

Over the last 5 years, we have organized and implemented five house concert tours, that has taken Adam around the country to hundreds of private homes.  We've called these The Get Folked Tours, and we have learned a ton about what it takes to create a successful, underground, concert experience.  If there is one thing we have come to appreciate above all else, it is that THE HOST IMPACTS THE CONCERT EXPERIENCE AS MUCH AS THE PERFORMER!! 

Most people don't realize this, but as a host you will be "on stage" throughout your entire event.  You will have a huge effect on the behavior of every one of your guests, even your closest friends and family.  For you humble people out there, this will be a hard thing to really internalize, but we promise that it is 100% true.  

You may have friends or people attending your show that you have chosen to break social distancing boundaries with.  We ask that you DO NOT do that during our concert.  In a normal situation you might be inclined to give them a hug, a handshake, hand them a beverage, or remove masks to have a more comfortable conversation.  During your concert situation, we are insisting you agree to set a good example by following our social distancing protocol to the letter.   

In addition to setting an example through your actions, there are many things you can do to help your guests maintain safe practices throughout their time at your concert. 

You may be in a low risk area.  

You may have already broken boundaries with some of your guests.  

You may have already had the virus and be pumped full of antibodies.  

It doesn't matter. 

Here's why: 

Covid-19 can spread to someone and they can be asymptomatic for weeks, or not ever manifest symptoms.  During this time they are still able to spread the virus.  This means that in the 2 weeks prior to your event, ANY ONE of your guests could be carriers if they shared a door handle or a gas pump, took a grocery bag from someone who was a carrier, or had a maskless conversation with a family member who had done any of those things and somehow became a carrier.  

If you break social distancing boundaries with a carrier, it means you may be a carrier yourself and could possibly spread the virus to your guests.  

Are these all extremely low probability scenarios?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  It really doesn't matter, and here's why:  If we perform 100 shows and at each show people are deciding to take low probability risks, sooner or later those low probabilities accumulate and it ends up becoming a high probability that someone will get sick at one of our concerts.  

In other words, these host guidelines aren't really about you at all.  They are about all of us, and how we are going to keep this ENTIRE tour safe.  Every show.  Every Gatherer.  Safe.  

...and if you decide you want to be a host, we will be depending on you to help make this happen.  


How Your Concert Will Unfold: 

The band will arrive in the early afternoon sometime.  It takes them a while to set up their sound as well as the live-streaming equipment.  

Guests can be invited to arrive at 5:30pm. 

At 6pm AEG will sit down welcome your guests and spend roughly an hour hanging and sharing music with them off-camera.  

At 7pm cameras will go live and the band will perform their Gathering for your guests and fans around the world.  

At 8pm-ish The Gathering will end, and the band will probably share a last song or 2 with you and your guests.     

When the concert is over, Adam and volunteers will help guests with socially distanced merch sales and pix before packing up.  


How We Set Up Your Concert For Ticket Sales: 

Once selected, one of our team members will contact you about your available square footage of outdoor concert space.  We will then sell tickets based on that space.  Everyone who buys a ticket will be a part of a socially distanced "pod."  If someone is coming alone, they will have their own pod.  If a couple buys tickets, they will be in a pod together.  Each pod will be sized according to the number of people within the pod.  Once each pod is reserved, it will go into our database and be subtracted from the total square footage, ensuring that we never sell more tickets than your space can safely hold.  Basically, there is enough space in each pod for the group plus a buffer or walkway space that keeps the pods at least 6 feet apart from each other.

If you want to learn more about how we do this mathematically, you can click here for more info.


How You Will Sell Tickets: 

When your tickets go on sale, you will be given a link that you can share with potential guests.  They will be able to click on that link, read about our social distancing guidelines, and decide if they want to reserve a pod for themselves or a group.  You will be selling tickets to your immediate community.  We are not opening these shows up to the public unless agreed to.

This ticket link will not be shared with the general public through us or our website, unless discussed and agreed to.  


How You Will Set Up Your Space: 

Before your show, you will receive a list of all the registered pods with a description of how large or small those pods will need to be.  It will be up to you to determine where those pods are located, making sure there is room for one way paths to and from your concert space, as well as a plan for the bathroom.  

We've created an entire page dedicated to pod and concert space creation:  How To Set Up Your Space

We have a lot of people at this point who have gone through this process, and can advise, either via phone, or in some cases, in person.  

Here are some examples of pod and concert space set-ups.


How To Figure Out The Bathroom Situation: 

Many hosts have opted to rent a porta potty, set it away from the concert space, create one way paths to and from for guests, and provide hand sanitizer to be used before and after.  

If using a bathroom inside your home, it will be important to keep exposure limited to just a path to the bathroom with signage reminding guests to sanitize before entry, and only touch things they need to touch.  Ideally you can set up a pathway in and out of the house that is separate, so gatherers aren't forced to pass each other in a confined space.  If this isn't an option, it will be important to create a system through which only 1 person is allowed access to the house at a time, and if there is a line, people are remaining 6' apart.  


How To Handle The Mask Thing: 

It may be particularly challenging to feel like you have to wear a mask in your own yard, but it's important!  Your guests will see you doing this and follow suit.  If they don't, we'll depend on you to help remind them to mask up.  Feel free to blame us if you feel awkward about the conversation.  Even if you're talking to a podmate or spouse, if you are outside your pod, it's important that you wear a mask.  Please have a mask ready that doesn't fall down or require constant adjustment.  When you are safely in your pod or inside your home away from people, you can feel free to remove your mask, but remember, any exception to this will inevitably influence others to do the same! 


How To Be A Thoughtful, Caring Host And Provide Your Guests With Food And Drink: 

You can't.  


For those of you who love to take care of people, this will be hard, but no exceptions here.  Guests can bring their own food, drink, utensils, napkins, lawn chairs, blankets, extra clothing, and anything else they need.  They also need to plan to take care of their own trash.  

I know it may feel like less fun, but it's better than nothing, and way better than death.  


Do You Need To Invite Strangers Into Your Home? 

No.  Your ticket link is for you to share with potential guests.  BEFORE applying to host, however, you should be confident that you can fill up your yard with socially distanced Gatherers.  

As you might imagine, it is extremely expensive to travel with a band.  Hosting requires not just a commitment to keeping your guests safe, but also a commitment to making sure there are enough tickets sold to keep the Gathering Series Live from going bankrupt.  :) 

If it feels like bringing out at least 30 Gatherers is too challenging, this probably isn't a great fit for you. 


How Many Tickets Can You Sell? 

Right now, different states have different Gathering limits.  Please make sure to know what your current outside gathering limit is.  Our team can help you determine this.  

The square footage of your concert space will also play a role in determining how many people can Gather with you.  While we won't know the exact number until we know how many single vs group pods are being reserved, we should be able to give you a conservative estimate to start.  



It often goes hand in hand with seeing a great concert, right?  If you are like us, your instinct may be to really want to let loose.  We get it.  You are an adult and don't need a rule here.  We would just like to remind you that we are depending on YOU here to keep it together and make sure everyone is staying safe and responsible throughout the night.  

If you're going to want to get wasted at your own concert, this probably isn't a great fit for you.  There is absolutely a connection between how much people are drinking and how seriously guidelines are being followed.  We encourage you to take this into consideration when discussing with your community.

Again, this may feel less fun, but it's better than nothing, and way better than death. 


How do I know if someone contracts COVID-19 they won't hold me accountable?  

Good Question.  Here is a link to the waiver your guests will agree to before ticket purchase.  The waiver states that the concert goers understand the risk they are taking by attending a Gathering Series Live concert, and will not hold you, the band or any of our partners accountable if someone does contract the disease by attending your show. Get the Waiver here.


Are children permitted?    

TOTALLY up to you.  Let us know in advance if you’d like your event to be family oriented or 21+.  We are striving for environments in which EVERYONE is comfortable.  We have children attend our events often.  We do recommend you talk to your guests about maintaining social distancing with their children, and make sure they are comfortable.  


How can I help the Adam Ezra Group get to my home?    

Most hosts contribute to a travel fund we set up to help manage the expenses of the tour.  If you've been to an AEG concert, think of it like an "I Love You Box" that covers gasoline, food, lodging, and the many other expenses that come up while on tour.  We do not choose hosts based on their ability to contribute to the travel fund, but it is the travel fund that in part makes this tour possible!   

If you believe in what we're doing and want to support our efforts, you don't need to be a host to contribute to the travel fund.  Just click here!!   


Here are the other pages we need you to read through before applying:

- How To Set Up Your Space

- Example Page

- Guest Guidelines

- Waiver

- Application