1. Alive
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been a year now since i seen the sun, the walls have long since closed on in
write the words down on page, tear it up and start again
the coffee’s cold the sink is full, listening to the birds and passing cars outside
maybe if i write today, it will remind me that i’m still alive

the days unwind, like a broken clock
the screen keeps calling, man, it never stops
and i’m reaching out, cause i know you’re there
out in this darkness, alone somewhere

give me the worn out corner stool, drinking cheap beer down at sully's bar
give me the seat with the obstructed view, past first base line at fenway park
the air that dances 'round our breath, late night when we’re talking close
hug my mom again, shake my neighbor's hand, it’s the simplest things i miss the most

but i still have sun, and the open sky
i still have that endless winding road to ride
i still have this place, inside my heart
i can find you there, when we’re apart

i’m the scar that don’t look pretty, even though it's long since mended
i’m the concert in the pouring rain, you stayed at 'til the whole thing ended
i'm the gambler who’s been down and out, letting it all ride on one last bet
i’m the boxer who’s lost the last nine rounds, but you know i’m not done fighting yet

my voice calls out, hard like gravel but it’s alright
i still got these two strong arms, to hold on tight
and i can find my way, if i can find each note
put it down on the page, of this song i wrote...