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yeah i wasn't lyin,
when i told you i'd throw these to the wolves if i didn't think it'd give'm canine indigestion
and yes i am offended,
not just by the words that you say, but the undertones in the folds of your suggestion

everybody's dyin for somethin good to say
everybody's cryin for them gone good old days
everybody's tryin to be brave in the face of all this hate
i wish i had something to break

and i bet it's kinda funny,
no matter how great your night goes you still gotta wake up with yourself every mornin
yeah i think it's tragic,
how every lie you throw out hits us in the face every day like another stonin


break down the greed in the face of this need that grows more severe by the hour
break down the walls that make you so damn tall and the rest of us small without power
break down the holes that make the screamers so bold as the rest of us are sold down the river
break on to the truth through the lies you pollute, let solutions and hope be delivered