1. Desirée
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co-written by adam ezra olshansky & antje duvekot


she don't see the skyline is fading
desiree's at it again
eager to fill in the spaces, unwinding the tangles with a scratch of her pen

i remember her walkin in circles
holding her head in her hands
thought i failed the audition, then her dizzy decision: come play in my rock 'n roll band

hey hey desiree
it's a fine mess you got yourself in
you're stunning, and tragic, and walkin away
as they're callin your name out again
hey hey look at you go
tied up and torn, you sure put on a show
they'll never get close to you, they'll never know

desiree's up on the ledge again
but her heart it still lives underground
where it's building a home made of ribbon & bows, and the warmth & the cradle of sound


she's back in the green room and screamin
says, i hate every word that i sing
this curtain call's killing me, what do they want from me
we're dancin like dolls on a string

i said the car's packed let's drive to the mountains
let this bumper car tragedy end
she looked up in surprise, with mascara stained eyes
says "then we wouldn't get to do it again"