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i’m sittin in this warehouse
up on the third floor
starin out my window
'cause i ain’t had one before
thinkin bout the sunset
and the things we all deserve
and how we never know what’s comin
til we’re right up in the curve

it’s a jagged world
it’s you and me
chelsea i can’t wait for all the things we’re gonna be
and i feel good
yes i do
chelsea you’re alright by me, if i’m alright by you

i don’t have any furniture
not even a tv
i’ve had to live life simple
and that’s the man i wanna be
but i never thought i’d have a place
that i could call my own
and i’m now wondering 'bout the other things
i’ll someday wanna own


i’m alright
don’t you worry bout me
i’ll be fine
i got someplace to be

someday the rich folks, they will come
marchin to their beat
they’ll be wantin fancy restaurants
buyin up these streets
but while it lasts me encanto mi barrio
and i will drink a cool cervesa
with anyone i meet