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closing my eyes, yeah i'm dreamin of someplace
'stead of torn up and lost in the sky
everyone loves a good make or break story
here i am no place to hide

and i don't look down
if i think about fallin the ground may start callin
i don't look down
in a world of big talkers make way for the tightrope walker

my neighbor's out smokin a joe on the curb
talkin bout fenway last night
reminds me of all of my friends and our stories
the best ones packed full of lies


i lie to myself, i lie to myself
i know what it looks like, this tumbling, tumbling
i lie to myself, i need to, i need to
believe just a little bit longer

someday i'll look back on all of my failures
the lessons that i shoulda learned
i hope that the mirror says the scars on my face
are signs of things that i've earned