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you caught me in a sideways glance
i didn't have a chance
you pulled me in like fishing wire
you touchin me, it felt like fire
i used to think i couldn't lose
that my love was mine to choose
now i'm a wreck yeah i'm all stuck
i guess you're just my luck....

i wonder if i deserve
the way it hit me when you threw that curve
the way you made my body shake
yeah it musta been my mistake
my dreams used to be a surprise
now you're all i see when i close my eyes
i'm a wreck, yeah i'm all stuck
i guess you're just my luck...

i need sun
i get hail
i call heads
it falls tails
it falls tails each time

now i know it was my heart you stole
turns out i never really had control
never made that fool proof plan
now i'm helpless under your command
i never knew that it would feel like this
if you said i could erase one kiss
i wouldn't do it for a million bucks
i guess you're just my luck