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i've seen you with other guys
i've watched you tell them lies
you've seen me with girls before
i know you smile when i let them go

no more games
don't pretend
i know we may be less than love
but we're more than friends

i'll pack a bag
you grab your coat
i'll take my keys
you write a note
to whom it concerns
we're goin out tonight

you tell the girls
i'll tell the boys
we're hitting the town
makin some noise
i don't care anymore
we're goin out tonight

our friends, they will all say
we're makin a big mistake
but thinkin about your lips
makes me pray for mistakes like this

forget the rules
let's be bad
the night is long
and it's all we have


we've been holdin back
we've been sleepin alone
but tonight i'm takin you out
then i'm gonna take you home...