1. In The End
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lookin for some kinda sign
tired and dazzled and slowly running out of time
i walk out on some kinda line
look for salvation and find it only in my mind

caught up with notions
like swimming in oceans
running my mouth
to keep up with my head
when they confuse me, misuse and abuse me
will i be able to mend
guess i find out in the end

the papers print news of the times
jumbled and fumbled across their own party lines
creation of truth is the crime
packaged and stacked in a self fulfilling paradigm

walkin a straight line
straight at a land mine
runnin our mouths
to keep up with our heads
will it surround us, astound and confound us
or will we be able to bend
guess we find out in the end

does ambition lead
to calamity
why must i concede
and preach what i feel
make it all real
and i get no reprieve
as i come to believe

that the blueprints were lost from the start
guess we're just winging it, building worlds filled with art
paint it in words or in rhyme
dangle it softly and see if you will shape the times

working creating
runnin our mouths to keep up with our heads
will they adore it, abhor or ignore it
the message we're tryin to send
guess we find out in the end