1. Serenade
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your dress is undone
and i'm jericho's son
the sunrise is shinin
the day is a diamond
and it's only begun

i hear you callin
you scale my walls
you climb inside yeah we will ride it until one of us falls

this storm will find our fool's parade
we'll break the stone or fade away
my walls could fall to your serenade
your serenade

each time i try
every goodbye
somebody told me, beauty is only a state of mind

and we've walked it out
yeah we live with doubt
you've seen my signs as i walk the line, but you've figured me out


maybe it's time, to step off the line
i'm ready to see now
in every jericho town, the walls tumble down
eventually now
so come on, can you get through to me
can you get through to me somehow