1. Thought Design
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i turned 72 on a tuesday mornin
woke up slowly and got outa bed
had a cup of joe, walked out my front door
where the boy he saw me and said

he said, “man, you must have paid your dues
and i was just wonderin what i may have to lose
and if you could spare a moment of sentiment and generosity
i could dig on your wisdom imparted on me”

i said, “paid my dues is right
it was a high price i would gladly pay twice
but what you wanna know is the true colors underneath my old skin
and quite frankly i don’t know where to begin”

it’s my thought design
it’s my ever searching lines
it’s my mysteries confined
it’s my thought design

i saw this little girl on my way to the store
she was lookin out the back seat window of the family car door
and she was watchin the ice as it froze to the pane
from the wind and the driving rain

and she was mesmerized watching the crystals form
like 5 minutes before as she explored the upholstery of the car door
and i understood then that the excitement she found in the world
was the reason she’d soon grow from a girl

and i wanted to see through her eyes
i wanted to see my light brighten the skies
i wanted adventure at being alive
and as i stood there, i realized

it’s her thought design
it’s her ever searching lines
it’s her mysteries confined
it’s her thought design