1. Drive
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the voice says what's your angle
you’re bound to fall
you want lightning
you want it all
and along the cactus cliffs
i will drive
and i may crash into oblivion
but i'll be alive when i die

for a moment in the spindrift
i'll give it all away
to be swallowed by the ocean
a lifetime in a day

drive off a ledge
and i don’t care

the voice says the addiction
that scars your mind
is the perfection
you'll never find
but that won't pull me back
i will drive
and i may bleed in color
but if i do, i will blaze through the seconds i survive

and it cuts me with the memories
of all i leave behind
but the leaving is the journey
the journey is the find


and this voice in my head keeps screamin
it says “don’t throw it all away.”
but i’ve spent my lifetime dreamin
and now it’s time to put the pedal down
time to put the pedal down
i will drive