1. Sistamama

From the recording Adam Ezra

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she wears my teeth around her neck
proportion's what you make of it she said
she busts a louie before the red
to kill the pain under her dreads

black frames around her eyes
we walk the woods before the sunrise
tits bleedin will keep her warm
'long with the burn across her arm

and who will shine the light on
my freaked up, pimped out, wack-ass baby

shit kickers around her shins
she runs around with e the devil's kin
her blood flowin a thin red line
she zoots a pinner, kills the time

she's got a figure she calls her own
the legs are heavy but the neck is long
she stays in darkness to hide her eyes
as her cheeks are stained with purple dye

who will shine the light on
my jive bitch, punk-ass, hard-head mama

she has no love to give now
she's too inside her mind
so she takes what she can get
in the meantime

well i see through that cold dark stare
i know the fear that's under there
i know all that she asks of herself
and doesn't ask it of no one else

though my time with her is brief
it's never quite enough it seems
i know that she will one day find
that ever missin piece of mind

and who will shine the light on her
my sistamama
who will shine the light on her
my sister baby
who will shine the light
on her...