1. Erica
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she like coffee in the morning
butter on her bread
she likes the sound of danger
but she plays it safe instead
she like all the nasty weather
she will take it every time
'cause she says nothing’s feeling better
than those first rays of sunshine

and she struts along the path that she is on
she says you cannot know the right road when you’re worried that it’s wrong

ooh erica, you got us spinning like a drug
your smile reminds us how we love
when you walk into the room we all go
na na na na

she talks politics & philosophy while she’s cutting up your floor
she drinks jameson & jameson & jameson some more
she’s always eating vegan except for bacon when it’s ‘round
cause erica believes that moderation keeps you grounded

and she says, boys play it fast & play it rough
'cause life is packed with moments & they don’t last long enough


and there are times of consternation
we misplace the spark behind our eyes
a moment’s hesitation
but here comes erica,
she says let’s go howl at the moon
here comes erica,
you know we do it all for you