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you say the hill’s too steep to climb
you say to try it now is all a waste of time
and i could relax and live below
but when i plant my flag on top you’ll be the first i show
and you watch me try

and i believe i build my destiny and choose where i belong
i believe i should be humble i believe i should be strong
and i believe the great decisions that will shape the world we know
are made by reason’s passion 'stead of reason alone

and you say the colors are in place
you say the way we see can never be erased
but i say i’ll wash my colored eyes
and when i am blinded no one will be disguised
and you watch me try


you say the boundaries are defined
where we end they begin and none should cross the line
and i say the boundary's in our minds
and my crossing will reflect the changing times
and you watch me try