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i’ve lived all throughout this town
i have worked the ground
i have sniffed around
while you’ve sat in your easy chair
with your wisest stare
and you’re high-class air

and i will say goodbye
but first i will confess
that i just can’t understand
all the things that you know best

you run like a well made car
you can go real far
you can purr and roar
but you were built for the open road
not this local mode
with it’s heavy load


and you act like a child to me
speaking knowingly
when you just don’t see
and i would like to turn you inside out
make you have some doubt
of what it’s all about


you look at me like i’m pressing your luck
another way for you to pass the buck
and i will say goodbye
i look at you, i see the smoke in your eyes
the fire burning on a compromise
and i will say goodbye
you should know. it’s no show, when you go
that’s the last you’ll see of me

and i thought you were smart enough
that when life got tough
you could call it’s bluff
well chalk one up to the “could of hads”
though it makes me sad
you were just a fad