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and i remind her of her father as he was back in the day
and she knows i can’t be with her but she loves me anyway

and i am driving into boston town
and i am listening to the radio sound
and i am wondering if i did it right
the same old questions i ask every night

i’m gonna get down
i’m gonna rattle it out
i’m gonna bounce back
i’m gonna leave no doubt
cause i’m on a mission
and i’m working the ground
back to the city
of a small town

and i had work out in chicago but i left it for the road
and i’m living out of my suitcase in the trunk where it is stowed

and i am coming into storrow drive
watching springtime as it comes alive
i think i’ll keep it as a souvenir
sing it loud enough for you to hear


so it’s back to where i started, guess i knew i’d come around
stay with family til i get my feet back on the ground

and i miss the barbecues out in the lawn
and summer swimming down at old mill pond
i even miss the icy winter winds
sweet new england i am home again