1. Do You See
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i’d like to take my dreams
all my memories
and put them in my palm
or in a simple song
but i have realized
they’re already in my eyes
so when you look at me
what do you see

if you could clean up my face
dress me up in lace
or in the latest styles
for a little while
would it not change who i am
affect some master plan
or what you thought of me
what do you see

i walk around this town
with my head hung down
to the passing eye
another lullaby
i’d like to think i’m more than this
yet still i must insist
that’s what everyone else believes
what do you see

we are social creatures bound
upon the ones around
to value and define
our status all the time
yet still i try so hard
to omit and discard
that notion generally
what do you see