1. Come Around

From the recording Tumble Down Slow

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like the kiss that you waited for
like you don’t need it anymore
like the sunshine burning a hole in the sky
only got two nickels but the price is a dime
like the reminiscence of a simpler time
like the things that grow quick and kind

i don’t really know my destination
all of my days lead up to now
and even my hesitation
is only meant to keep me comin ‘round
and i will come around

like the life that i’m sucklin
like my belt that i’m bucklin
like a favorite tune that the radio play
like a summer meadow with a tree for some shade
like the wound healed over that eventually fades
like i thought i heard someone say


and there are darker times that lay heavy on my shoulders
they’re piling up behind, i run in circles
blind behind the wheel, that’s how i feel
til i blink my eyes…and i realize