1. The Boy
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a boy wakes up from his dream
jumps out of bed and know that he will conquer the world
he looks up at the sun and smiles because his light shines just a bright
and all the people that go running through his mind
join the chorus of his heart and lungs combined
and step in time

and the haphazard motion of his dreary dismal day
brings the song out from within his memory
and he knows that lack of direction directs the intuition of the undaunted mind
and singing softly to avoid a scene
he stifles voices in his heart that want to scream i am free

and he sings all the time
prophesies in rhythm and in rhyme
and if you listen very closely you can hear him sing the words
he sings out:

i am the sun and moon
and i’ll make the angels swoon
i am the wine within your cup
i’ll give myself to fill you up
and if i die before i wake
pray my friends my soul to take
and when my bleeding heart runs through
my six brass strings will ring out true