1. Side To Side
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grew up in the back woods of a small town, my home town
sneak out through the back yard, where the boys would be waiting around
and we'd go creeping and the night was our time
oh i remember the way that the moon would shine

and all of the mischief done and the lessons learned
the times i kicked on through and the times i was burned
and it's not so far that i can't see
they're still a part of me

it's the highest high
it's the paths we fly
it's an unpaved road, it's a rocky ride
and all i can do is shake my head from side to side

she must have been four years older, i was so young, just fourteen
i saw her staring at me, it was a look i had never seen
she said be ever so slow as she came around
oh i remember the way that she lay me down

and all of the wonder and the mystery
as i glimpsed the man that i would learn to be
and she's not so far that i can't find
her with me all the time


and i'm still keeping time
to the things i've left behind

i fill up the tank as i head west out of town
i turn the radio up to my favorite sound
a guitar strummin with the sound of the wheels on highway nine
and i wonder, will i remember this day for the rest of time?

(chorus )