1. Fairytales
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in a town of magic thoughts
where treasures lay in wooden boxes
with cobblestones and candle light

waves caress the rocky coast
and souls fly like translucent ghosts
on their final flight

i will walk down empty streets
my pants rolled up above bare feet
with a suitcase filled with lyric sheets
left undone

and the angels will all gather round
to take me in and lay me down
chanting welcome, welcome

and i could be gone like the wind
it doesn't take a lot to take away the things you've got in store
and would you cry for a friend
who couldn't bring you fairytales anymore

the iron gates will creek in time
with the thatched roofs and the clinging vines
and all good things will form a line
and pass through me

and i'll be forced to catch my breath
and know the warmth inside my chest
and this will surely be my test

and soon i will forget the past
and all the things that wouldn't last
and all the dreams and spells i cast
within my mind

and if you look you'll see me there
and i'll return a humble stare
and you will know i'll always care
about what i left behind


and i will still be singing
but i will change my tune
and i'll go:

as loud as you shout you will always be sleeping
time's slow hand will always be creeping
around to the top and back again
another life gone and another begins
the weight of the world is a soft caress
there's no such thing as a wasted breath
and the things that you want should cover a lot
and the things that you need you've probably got
and as long as there's love there will always be pain
cause we soak in the sun through the knowledge of rain
even water coming down will wash you clean
and the hurt will make you strong, you'll see