1. The Judgement
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the time had come, the deal went down
there were signs all around the town
and for the first time we all looked around
and we gathered as the sun went down
along with the sky

we found a spot up on old town hill
where the trees turned white and the grass stood still
and for a moment took a breath without regret
as we waited for what would come next
janie held my hand

she said what if there is something that I have to do before I die
then she held me and she kissed me in the moment she began to cry
for her last time

and the band was playing thunder
and the sky was throwing flame
and we danced in the stream of a poet's dream
on the day the judgement came
on the day of the judgement

tumbling fury, the sky it gleamed
flashing shades the world had never seen
and the hill began to shake and roll
to the rhythm of the human soul
never known before

some were scared, some were broken hearted
but the rest of us we got the party started
and we feasted on a meal to meet the gods
and with the wine that we had saved for so long
we raised up our cups

and we shouted here's to you and here's to me and here's to us my friends
let us live it for a while in style as we meet our end
as we meet our end


and the band played on and we danced all night
underneath the shattered moon and the falling sky
and our souls burned bright like the summertime
cause summer would come no more

the world stopped turning, the sun melted away
erased our doubts, yeah it was judgement day
and the fire felt like a soft rain
and we didn't feel any pain
just the fleeting love of it all

and we knew that all the madness and the glory wouldn't stop until
it had swallowed up the party that was raging up on old town hill
and i was dancing with janie still