1. Judas
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how did you get so big
your hat must be too tight
strutting 'round like a peacock
on a friday night
and if i was a surgeon
i’d cut you down to size
complete with a new pair of
humble eyes
but you’ll never see how you tainted me….

hey there judas, i wanna watch you fall
just enough to put you on your knees so you can crawl
back to the reason of the man that you left behind
but it won’t happen no, no judas i know your kind

we had something good
but you let it fall apart
and i should have seen you
bubblin over the top from the start
and if i were a painter
i’d put you up on my wall
exaggerate the beauty of it all
but you’ll never see how you tainted me…


stand back or feel my venom
on you and your baggy demin
walkin tall over the things we built together
get off of the horse you road in on
it’s only my scarred opinion
you’re a shadow of the past
hey there judas…