1. Hippie Girl

From the recording Better Than Bootleg Vol. 2

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she's my hippie girl, she don't like socks
she keep her help jewelry in a hand made box
she got the nappy hair beneath a torn bandana
she like joni mitchell and the old santana

she vote to the left and she dance to the right
she's the one that keep me up all night

her tongue cuts like a rudder
she say to love one another
i try to run for the cover
but it don't take long until i'm
sneakin back like a vandal
she lights up like a candle
i drink it down like a handle
yeah i'm a gonner

my hippie girl live in a shack on a hill
up in the mountain where the world is still
she gets the best green from a farm down the road
near a crick in the holler where the cops don't go

she dance to the right and she vote to the left
she is the one that i like the best


vegan burrito

she don't shave nothin cause it ain't her style
if you go to the mountain plan to stay a while
she'll weave you a belt, then she'll take you down
to the drum circle at the edge of town

she vote to the left and she dance to the right
she is the one that make me feel alright