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well my name is ray thomas, i truck north of here
i’ll spin you a tale if you lend me your ear
and you keep me supplied with a smoke and a beer

well i’m sixty five now and i’m still on the road
doing locals up north in the snow and the cold
but at night it’s back home where i’ll drop off my load
and i’ll go out to see my michaella

well it's fitzy’s in town where us locals do dwell
and the booze treats you right and it’s all that they sell
and the girl in the skirt comes right over to me
and she serves me a beer and she’s all that i see

ah michaella
michaella you’re a vision to these eyes of mine
and you can talk to me any and every old time
you’re the reason i’m still on this earth can’t you see
you’re a goddess, a poet, a beauty to me

well i killed a man once back in seventy three
i was doin a job down in west tennessee
when a man fell asleep and swerved into the oncoming lane
they all told me i wasn’t to blame

and i turned to the bottle where i’ve been ever since
and i ain’t coming back til i no longer glimpse
that boy’s body crushed all the way into his back seat
by my eighteen wheel killer, my hands and my feet

and on the hard days she knows and she gives me a smile
and i’ll tell her a joke and we’ll laugh for a while
and she’ll keep the beers comin til two or til three
and i’ll wrap myself up in my own fantasy

with michaella
michaella you’re reading my mind
it’s ok to forget for a while what’s behind
and you pardon my sentence with one mischievous line
you make me truck on one more day at a time
day at a time

well my eldest son randy, he took off with a shout
and a shot ‘cross my jaw when he knocked me clean out
he stood up on his feet, the man i taught him to be
with my own swollen knuckles like my dad did me

and my two girls they live here in town
they each married a jones boy, true love they have found
or at least they’ll keep thinking til they hit the ground
from a dream that grows old and faded

and my wife, well she shuts her mouth ‘cause i’m paying the rent
and i will beat her like hell, and that’s where i’ll be sent
for i’ve know all along since i was born where i’m bound
to a place where i’ll no longer hear the sweet sound

of michaella
michaella oh angel you’ll turn me around
you’re the daughter and lover and meaning i’ve found
and you are not cursed by my thomas blood line
you don’t right know me yet thank your god and thank mine
thank mine

grew up as a farm girl, she’s paving her way
and it’s waitress by night and it’s study by day
that she’ll soon make her fortune don’t come as a surprise
as she takes on the world with those invincible eyes

worked now three years at fitzy’s come may or come june
and the men who come see her we fill up the room
and we each get a turn at her service divine
as we’re poured retribution one at a time

by michaella
michaella you never will know
the extent of your magic to us down below
and michaella i’m yours til the day that i die
but i know that your future is greater than i
greater than i
oh my michaella