1. Chasin'

From the recording Live At Tremedal

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i guess this is my surrender
i've tried to bend your ear
and i know that there are so many other out there
that i would rather see when i am looking in the mirror

i know i don't belong here
you've given me all the signs
and i'd be better off if i didn't chase after
all the things that i do not have every single time

how did i think it's right
when it is so wrong wrong wrong
how did it take me so long to see

you are gonna keep chase chase chasin
after every pretty face you see
and i'm done waste waste wastin my time
wishin that the person you were chasin was me

i've thought about switchin my scenery
i've attempted to make a change
and i keep comin back to dwell
on the parts of me that probably will never be explained

and these parts are so familiar
a love/hate is what i got
cause sometimes the very thing that separates me from the pack
is also something that i know's existing only this spot

and i know you do everything right
but for me you're so wrong wrong wrong
how did it take me so long to see


everytime that i
try to be like you
i wind up so easily broken
i'm finally through
here's to watching you
watching me walk away
and you can take you're pretty, perfect self out of my way