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co-written by adam ezra olshansky, shep goodman, & aaron accetta


you're sweet like a melon
sly like a felon
and i’ve been watchin you dance all night

the party’s slowin
how bout goin
on walk with me outside

the stars are out, it’s a perfect sky

what if we only have tonight
what if we never see the sunrise
i don’t wanna wait for the right time
for you and me to stop this run-around
let your hair fall down
let your hair fall down

i’m a whiskey drinker
a late night thinker
and i’ve been wantin to figure you out

i like tea with my honey
i don’t have much money
but i can show you what life’s about

the world’s as big as we can dream


i may not look like much
my tattered rags and such
look at you all dressed in white
and i may not run in your pack
but i will get your back