1. Shine
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she said settle back darlin
you look all hung down and ragged
i can tell you been wanderin out cross the road that runs like wine
i remember her name
it trails out like the restless winter
she said relax, breath slow again
and the wind it blows

a little colder
a little older
and it’s wisperin sleep now soldier
you had a long day
and it looks like you need a little time
rest your head now
close your eyes
in the mornin the sun will rise
and you will remember
that nothin’s shinin like the dawn

when i was a younger man
before the winds cut down my body
i would search for the answers as if they were written in the sky
i remember those days
before the sound of the endless river
made me breathe slow again
and the wind it blows


the wind will overtake us all
it ain’t about wrong and right
but it can heal before it breaks us
and the wind it blows