1. Devil's Side
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i thought i'd take cover
steal me a lover
go under cover yeah that was my plan
but it was just a distraction
a knee jerk reaction
a scare crow infraction, i did it again

slumber won't come it escapes me
the breeze in the desert awakes me
i know where i'm am meant to go

you may see a flash of light
that's me on the fire tonight
i will not hide
i will take my place
destiny i'll face
at the devil's side

my renegade fortune
is out of proportion
i don't like the notion the reckonings come
so i'll gather my senses
build my defenses
pay the expenses and hit the ground runnin

you know me
and the darkness i hide like a thief
but we know where i'm meant to be


i accept the consequences
my eyes are open wide
i'd rather go down a fighter than
to keep on tryin to hide

i'll let out a holler
hold my head taller
cash in my dollars
and play them to ride