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i got a snakeskin jacket with a chain on my chest
got the tight brown leather with the bulletproof vest
got the backdoor hustle with a card up my sleeve
if you’re lookin for the crime then you’re lookin for me, so come on

i'm in and out sharp like salt on your tongue
with the slip screen vision and my hand on my gun
there’s a conflagration wherever i come
if you see smoke rise it’s already begun

hey hey, come come on
get me i’ll be gone gone
you’re falling back & you trail behind
and you will not catch what you cannot find

blaze through reno, toss the bag on the drop
at the el dorado lookin out for the cops
got the black bag waitin, pick it up at the well
hit the asphalt runnin like a bat outta hell

i got 42 hound dogs hot on my trail
i’ll be a ghost by sunset safe on the rail
it’s a prime time play & you better believe
it’s a damn fine day in the life of a thief