1. Juna Please
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co-written by adam ezra olshansky & john oates


hey there juna, i know it's been a long time now
thought i'd stop on by
i've been drivin round this town for the past two hours now
thought i'd say i miss you babe, let's talk a little while

juna please
you feel like home
can't you see me tryin
i believe that you and i can make it through
this whole cruel world alright, alright
juna please come out tonight

i went down to the docks where your daddy works
and he took me out for whiskey and a beer
after about 5 too many he said boy i let the best things in my life slip on through
what i have to do to kick your ass into gear?


can't you see me
motor running, standing here in the headlights
we can ride around the corner
or we can drive til we run outa road or we run outa night

i believe that you and i were meant to be together
i don't believe in much these days
when i'm with you, it's quiet inside my head
it's the only time i really know it's gonna be ok
juna please