1. OK By You
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gold is for the sun
red takes all the fun
green i come undone
on forever

these are things i know
learn them as i grow
leave them when i go
on forever

dazzled by the sets
singed with my regrets
spinning out in perfect disarray
i do not have the gift to see in black and white
but i'm ok by you tonight

morning's my surprise
day is my disguise
night i realize
on forever

sometimes i cant hide
when they all collide
i try to keep my stride
on forever

wake to breath my fate
try not to hesitate
understand it's all just in my head
i cannot differentiate the wrong from right
but i'm ok by you tonight

begin is you and me
middle's melody
the end's too sad to see
on forever

and i don't wanna let you down
when i'm not around
i'm captured by the sound
of forever

taste it as it starts
tangled up in hearts
know that it will never be the same
but when it's feeling good i want to hold on tight
and i'm ok by you tonight.