Welcome to the Adam Ezra Group Live Sound Project! 

Part of our mission as a band is to make every performance a unique and spontaneous experience, both for us as well as our audience. 

The Live Sound Project is our way of capturing a high quality recording of our shows in real time and allowing fans to buy a digital copy of the show they have just experienced on-site.  We're excited about the way these recordings are sounding and have created a catalog here for you to experience on-line! 

Streaming: It's all there. Help yourself!! 

Downloading:   We want our music to be enjoyed in whatever format you're most comfortable with, and we'd be honored if you'd like to add one or more of our live performances to your personal collection.  You can purchase and download entire shows, or individual songs....what ever you like!! 

Thank you for being part of a listening community that continues to inspire us every day...


ADAM EZRA GROUP: Live Sound Project Recordings

ADAM EZRA SOLO - GET FOLKED: Live Sound Project Recordings