gathering series live - how to set up your space


The Pod System:  

Each person attending your show will need their own ticket, but they can choose to share a socially distanced "pod" with family members, etc.  We will keep track of these pods for you and provide you with a complete list of your guests and their pods before your concert.   


How to set up your space before your show - 3 steps:

You will receive a list of all of your pods and guests, and it will be up to you to create these pods for them before they arrive.    

1.  Mark out your pods clearly.  It's important to make sure that there is 6' of space between pods.  Hosts have found creative ways of clearly marking out pods using spray paint, cones, caution tape, or twine.  Got another way to do it?  Talk to your RallySound rep and innovate! 

2.  Assign pods to specific ticket buyers so, for instance, a single person doesn't accidentally take a pod reserved for 2.  It's important to have at least 1 person available to greet guests, explain your layout, show them to their pod, talk them through the process of using the restroom or porta potty, and remind them that whenever they are up and about they are expected to wear their masks.    

3.  Bathrooms should be equipped with hand sanitizer and disposable towels.  It's important to make sure there won't be a situation in which a bunch of guests are squeezed into a hallway, waiting for the bathroom.  Ask your RallySound rep for advice on strategies if you'd like! 


How we calculate pods and ticketing:

It is absolutely not important to read this part!  Just know, we've spent a lot of time ensuring that we will not oversell your space, and you'll have all the square footage you need to create your pods with enough space between them to keep your guests safe. It is absolutely not important to read this part!  

Each person who buys a ticket is reserving a 4'x4' space for their chair and personal items.  If 2 people reserve a pod together, their space will be 4'x8'.  A 3 person pod will be 4'x12', and so on.  Each of these pods will include a barrier space, ensuring that there is at least 6' of space between pods.      

The challenge is that depending on the size of the groups reserving pods, we will require differing amounts of barrier space to maintain proper social distancing between pods.  For instance, 2 single person pods take up more room than 1 double pod because there is less barrier space needed between guests.  In other words, the amount of tickets available will change somewhat throughout the ticket selling process based on the size of groups reserving pods.      

We've set up a ticketing system that will subtract the space for each reserved pod (and necessary barrier space) from your total square footage.


Some ways you could lay out your pods:   

For pods up to 4 people we've found it usually best to plan for people to sit in a row next to each other.  With pods of 5 or more you may want to create 2 rows depending on your layout.   

1 Person Pod = 4’x4’     

2 Person Pod = 4’x8’   

3 Person Pod = 4’x12’     

4 Person Pod = 4’x16’ or 8'x8'   

5 Person Pod = 4’x20’ or a 4'x12' row + 4'x8' row   

6 Person Pod = 4’x24’ row or an 8'x12' box 


We've posted a number of videos and pictures from past hosts walking you through their systems.  These videos and pictures will help you begin to visualize how you can set up your own space:  Example Page


Be prepared to get mathematical and spend some time setting up your space in advance of your will take some time!