the plan

Concert Gatherings: 

Once a weekend we hope to be able to livestream an entire show for you.  We will pick our concert based on location and wifi availability, then we'll let you know during the week what our weekend Gathering plans are going to be.  During our Concert Gatherings you'll be with us for the entire night of music. 


Solo Gatherings: 

Every Tuesday at 7pm EST, it'll be you and me.  Just like so many nights we've had together, no matter where I am or what I'm doing, at 7pm we'll spend an hour or so catching up and sharing music. 


Gathering Trips: 

We will be organizing some annual trips during which we can spend some time digging deep and Gathering together in person.  We hope to arrange a winter trip and a summer trip each year and should be announcing our first winter trip soon!! 



I truly believe that the magic of The Gathering Series came from you.  You took this community in directions we never dreamed we'd go, and we hope that you will continue inspire our direction moving forward.  Read through our Member-Supporter page to understand how we hope to build and engine powered by Gatherers...  


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