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Connecting with you and sharing our music is the fuel that makes us happy and gets us through our hardest times.  Rather than look at this current chapter as an isolating shutdown of our mission, we've decided to turn this time into an opportunity to gather with as many of you every night as we can. 

Since our first canceled show in early March, Adam has been livestreaming from his place in Chelsea, and we have been overwhelmed and inspired by the response.  We've decided to organize a nightly gathering online.  When you can, come visit us.  Listen to some music, hang with each other, and take part in whatever antics are unfolding in our little shared world.  


7pm EST every night.  (we're going to try to stick to this consistent gathering time as much as possible...we'll of course let you know if this changes) 


For now we'll be doing this through our FB page: 
(this may change as the series develops, but for now this feels like the easiest way for everyone to connect and engage) 


We're envisioning short hangs for the most part...a chance for us to connect and check in with each other each evening, but depending on the night, the lengths of our Gathering may vary.  We're planning for about 30 minutes a night, but we all know brevity is not one of Adam's strong suits... :) 


If you keep gathering with us, we'll keep the Gatherings going...  



So many of you have been reaching out to ask this question.  We are incredibly grateful for this and have come up with a list of answers for you, listed in order of importance to us:  

1.  STAY CONNECTED - We love this community that has formed around our music.  Simply carve out some time and gather with us.  Stream us while you make dinner or do your taxes.  Message us during the stream.  Interact with your fellow listeners and watchers.  Help us all remind ourselves that we are not alone during this time...  

  2.  SHARE - I bet you care about someone who could use a little connection right now.  Let them know.  The bigger we become, the more impact we can have as a community...  

3.  STREAM - A bunch of folks are under the impression that streaming our music on various platforms is like stealing.   Believe it or not, it actually helps us!  The more people are streaming us on Spotify, YouTube, and anywhere else you can listen, the more visible we become on these platforms.  If you own our CDs, stream us anyways!  You don't even have to be in the room to stream our music, and every time our play counts increase, you are helping more people discover our music. Here are the 2 most impactful places to watch and stream these days, but all platforms are great.  

Subscribing to our channels also helps us!  

adam ezra group on spotify    

adam ezra group on youtube  

You can also create & share playlists on streaming services and include some of your other favorite music or videos.  Playlists are a fun way to share us, and they can also introduce this community to other great artists who are out there! Here's a fan-picked spotify playlist to get you started, but you can find us on every platform!  

4.  FOLLOW - Have you found us on all the places we're active these days?  

Instagram  /  Youtube  /  Facebook  /  Twitter  

5.  VIRTUAL I LOVE YOU BOX - It's very important to us to make sure you understand that just by connecting and sharing you are supporting us in the ways we care about most.  We understand that this time will create financial challenges for folks, and whether you've got dollars to spend or not, we want you here with us.  That said, many of you have been asking about ways to contribute financially to The Gatherings, and so we have created this link where you can pop in and toss something into the box.  We love you for wanting to do this... 

Love Box Donation for Live Stream Performances
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Love Box Donation for Live Stream Performances

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Love Box Donation for Live Stream Performances

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MOST IMPORTANTLY though, please stay safe and take care of yourselves during this time!  We want to alive and healthy so we can gather with you in person as soon as it's safe!!!  





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