Get Folked 'Travel fund' donation page

It would be easy to just choose hosts from our backyard here in New England, but The Get Folked Tour is committed to serving this incredible community of listeners no matter where you live in the country. It's important to us that the opportunity to host is something we can offer to everyone, even if you can't afford to put Adam on a plane and fly him into your neck of the woods.   

There are numerous costs involved in sending Adam on this tour.  Although it's not required, we appreciate when hosts contribute to our Get Folked Travel Fund that helps cover the costs of hotels, gasoline, flights and other travel expenses.  

Click the "donate" button below and we will put your donation toward getting Adam safe n' sound to all 40 living rooms, no matter where they may be tucked away... (please make sure to mark it as "Travel Fund" when processing through PayPal.)