how can you support the gathering series

So many of you have found ways to support us during this time.  We continue to be humbled and inspired by this community.  For those interested in contributing, we recognize that times are tough for so many of us right now, so we have come up with a number of ways through which you can support what we're doing, most of which do not involve making a financial contribution:

1.  GATHER - Just having you with us is enough!  Come join us each night, and for those of you who don't have Facebook, we are working on archiving all of the past Gatherings on our YouTube channel.   If you can join us live each night, great!  Pop onto the chat and say "hello".  Interact with the other Gatherers if you'd like.  Everyone is welcome, and we have members of the RallySound and AEG teams on each night making sure it will always be a safe and respectful space.  If you'd rather just watch without engaging, that's great too.  :)

2.  SHARE - I bet you care about someone who could use a little connection right now.  Let them know.  The bigger we become, the more impact we can have as a community...

3.  STREAM - The more people are streaming us on SpotifyYouTube, and anywhere else you can listen and watch, the more visible we become on these platforms.  If you own our CDs, stream us anyways!  Every time our play counts increase we become more visible to others, and you are helping more people discover our music and message. Here are the 2 most impactful places to watch and stream these days, but all digital platforms are great.   

adam ezra group on spotify     

adam ezra group on youtube   

We would be honored if you followed us on these sites!   

You can also create & share playlists on streaming services and include some of your other favorite music or videos.  Playlists are a fun way to share us, and they can also introduce this community to other great artists who are out there!  Here's a fan-picked spotify playlist to get you started, but you can find us on every platform!  

4.  FOLLOW - Have you found us on all the places we're active these days?  

Instagram  /  Youtube  /  Facebook  /  Twitter  

5.  VIRTUAL I LOVE YOU BOX - So many of you have been asking about ways to contribute financially to The Gatherings.  In response we have created this link where you can pop in and toss something into the box.  We love you for wanting to do this...
(We are also working on a subscription system for those who are interested in supporting regularly without having to think about it)

Thank you for reading all this!  We'll see you out there on the web, and if you have any questions or suggestions for us, you can reach out on the about page.