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from View From The Root (2010) BUY AEG STORE

buck tooth johny send a letter to the globe, said the governor’s at it again

i saw him twice last week with his girl monique while his wife’s at the doc's getting thin

he’s in league with the mob, kick backs every job, got’em all out in charge of the dig

and his drug cartel, it’s sure doin well, runs through the priests and the pigs

if you don’t print my story i’ll go somewhere else with all of the things i saw

it’s a scandal, a razzle dazz,  a regular coup d'etat.

well jean at the globe got johny's letter and her mouth puckered up at the seams

you see stories this huge set the standard for news...she’d be livin out her hopes and her dreams

she sent it right down to print where a mole named clint soaks it in through his bloodshot eyes

he called joe from mcnews who pissed in his shoes and sent it out over the wire

by four o’clock that afternoon everybody had a flappin jaw.

it’s a scandal, a razzle dazz,  a regular coup d'etat.

me and the boys were down at sully's drinkin after a day in the pits

mcnews on the screen our foreman dean shouts out ain’t that the gov in the mix?

i voted for that lousy SOB and we all shouted can the clown

in bars and homes all around all the neighboring towns the same ugly scene went down

we better  march on the capitol show’em we’re not as dumb as they think we are

 it’s a scandal, a razzle dazz,  a regular coup d'etat.

the governor stood in his office, white teeth silk suit looking down at the scene on the street

we’d all come out holding signs and shouting the governor’s a crook and a cheat

just then a lacky burst in with a desperate grin, said what we gonna do now chief

the gov just lit up a pipe said it’ll be alright we’ll call the national party for relief

in two weeks time they’ll have it all cleaned up without so much as a hem or haw

 it’s a scandal, a razzle dazz,  a regular coup d'etat.

the next day flew by the party thugs arrived with the wrists handcuffed to their files

they said we gotta three prong attack to get you back on track and the gov flashed a glistening smile

first we'll slander this buck toothed johny guy while you roll out a tax cut plan

and we’ll redistrict just so, hardly no one will know but we’ll never lose elections again

meanwhile you better tow the party line or by next years time you’ll be a community professor at law

it’s a scandal, a razzle dazz,  a regular coup d'etat.

now as some may have guessed and others detest this story putters out like a match

we all had to gulp shoveled talk show pulp down the sordid, proverbial hatch

buck tooth johny who started it all got a dose of the old what for

they said they caught him on line committing the crime of consorting with terrorists and whores

but he just signed a deal on a book called squeal be featured on oprah this fall

it’s a scandal, a razzle dazz,  a regular coup d'etat.

meanwhile joe from mcnews won a pulitzer for his outstanding work in the field

to keep his reputation clean he had to pay off jean signed her up to a six figure deal

presidential run for the gov guess he proved to the thugs he could sure play a mean game of ball

and for those that ain't rich we're still back in the pits overwhelmed by the blur of it all

yeah we'll get fifty bucks back off of next year's taxes spend it on whiskey and chaw

meanwhile the schools downtown get their budgets cut down, ripped out with a serpent like claw

and i you're lookin for truth well you can set up a booth peddle anything that cuts like a saw

 it’s a scandal, a razzle dazz,  a regular coup d'etat.

 it a back door deal it's a flim flam it stink of that je ne se qua


adam ezra group

adam ezra group

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