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playAnother Sunshine

from View From The Root (2010) BUY AEG STORE

want to be everyone's solution  

want a solution to myself


want to engage in absolution


want to absolve with someone else



don't know if I taste it in my bloodstream


or I am bleeding from the tongue


I will not have time to sort these answers


when these answers never come





live to shine


shine like sun


sunny day


day is done


done for now


now's the time


for another day


and another sunshine



want to fight hard against repression


want to repress the urge to fall


want to walk softly with discretion


want to discretely kick the walls



maybe our souls are like the ocean


shouting back colors from the sun


and maybe the sun will hold these answers


when these answers never come






maybe these answers will come marching


in staggered formation down the hall


maybe our asking is the cancer


destined to slowly kill us all



and maybe we all receive salvation


shuffling out patterns in the sand


and maybe the sand is just a prophet


kicking discretely in our hand









adam ezra group

adam ezra group

updated: 6 years ago