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Adam Ezra Group

playKill Like This

from View From The Root (2010) BUY AEG STORE

chipped my tooth on a cannonball  

Johnny's down who's the next to fall


kick up dirt, draw a line in the sand


gonna run through town with a dirty band



and the well-dressed cats are on the take


and the beggars fight to get a stake






game on, taste my kiss


lights go up and we kill like this


pack up, turn around, to kill another day


hit hard, bite my lip


drink one down as I turn my trick


stand tall, tell 'em you can always walk away


'cause the game is on, and we came to play



I left home for a life on the road


gonna bring back a pot of that player's gold


now I'm caught like a cat in a tree


see if old mother time's gonna bury me



and the straight and narrows have me cold


and the dreamers all get bought and sold






(chorus 2):


...stand tall, tell 'em you can never walk away


'cause the game is on, and we came to play



adam ezra group

adam ezra group

updated: 6 years ago