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playSoul's For

from View From The Root (2010) BUY AEG STORE

it all starts here, it all starts here  

our minds are connected as my words his your ear


and we got seven hours til daybreak comes


you can talk about the finer points, roll them off your tongue


and I'll soak it in like a maple in the rain


come again, come again, come again





my soul's for


anyone who wants it that's the way I like it


my soul's for


talkin bout the real things deep into the evenings


my soul's for


hanging in the kitchen drinkin what you're mixin


my soul's for


soakin in time




and I can change the world with the power of my mind


I do it one long rugged conversation at a time


and I'm good to the last stop, hit the rock bottom


of the chasm that we open every time we get it started


you can keep it to yourself, you can tell it to your friends


come again, come again, come again






adam ezra group

adam ezra group

updated: 6 years ago